About Venrooy

Venrooy Cable Equipment develops, manufactures and supplies solutions for cable handling.
To be exact, we deliver machines and tools for:

• Cable storage,
• Cable processing (e.g. length measurement, winding and cutting),
• Cable transportation,
• Cable laying.

Solid and reliable since 1937

In the Benelux region Venrooy is the market leader for cable handling systems. In Europe, we are heading towards a top 3 position. Still, we have remained easily accessible like we were in the early days of our company, 75 years ago. It is very important that our customers feel at home at Venrooy, regardless we deal with a small size company or global player.

Specialized in fast delivery

In your industry short delivery times are becoming increasingly important. That is why we keep stock of the most current cable machinery and tools. Whenever required, your order can be delivered within 24 hours. We are also able to develop custom-built machines, since we have our own engineering team and in-house manufacturing department.

Powered by Kepser Pro-Metaal

In 2011 Venrooy Cable Equipment was acquired by Kepser Pro-Metaal. This not only secured continuance, it also brought a quality boost due to the sharing of engineering know-how and production capacity. For more information about Kepser Pro-Metaal please visit www.kepser.nl.